Added on 2012-12-02 Report Video

For Mindshare LA (A Social Event for Enlightened Debauchery), we created an experimental installation for the visitors to socialize and interact with. Inspired by the traditional “Broken Telephone” game – Anomaly highlights human error and unexpected outcomes.

The game play was simple:
-Each player should enter the booth one at a time.
-The first player starts off by writing a phrase for the next player to act out.
-The second player acts out the phrase.
-The third player will try to guess what the previous player was doing.
-This gets repeated until a set of six is competed.
-After six players, the anomalies would be revealed.

The anomalies were revealed on a tessellated sculpture placed behind the bar – a visual representation of error. Patched together side by side into a collaborative performance, the chain of videos formed conversations around who caused the anomaly.


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