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MadMapper 1.3 brings the addition of the highly anticipated MadLight feature. Now the power of simple, fast and intuitive video mapping is extended to the realm of lighting design! Easily integrate the control of light into your mapping projects so your video and lighting work together for a more immersive experience.

MadLight communicates to lighting with the help of ArtNET, a widely accepted protocol for controlling stage devices. ArtNET data is converted to DMX, so you can integrate MadLight into your existing stage productions.

Once your computer is connected to the DMX light chain, you can create a DMX fixture from the creation tab, and select an area of your video that you want to use as a light source. The pixels within the defined area are then converted into data that control the color and intensity of the light.

The new features of MadMapper 1.3 include:

– DMX fixture surfaces
– Fixture editor and library
– Auto channel numbering
– 7 types of pixel configurations (RGB, RGBL, RGBW, LRGBW, RGBWL, L, CMY)
– Full range ArtNet support with up to 131072 DMX channels
– Real time pixel mapping setup
– DMX dip switch preview
– Real time ArtNet fixture preview
– Numerical input for precise pixel adjustment of position, size and rotation of quads, circles and DMX fixture – – – – surfaces
– The stage size now resizes the output window in desktop mode, the limit being the size of the screen, so that – – The Syphon output will be identical to the stage size entered in that mode.
– The Syphon output can now be activated/deactivated from the preference panel
– The code is now signed for Mountain Lion

Download it now!

MadMapper v1.3 is available for download to all existing customers through the MadMapper yourspace page:

For pricing on licenses please see our shop page. Educational pricing is available upon
request by contacting us at support [at] garagecube [dot] com


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