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vellum | d / sk / br 2009-2010
slices of a virtual sculpture, dimension 100 x 125 x 80 meters
video artist, sound design: robert seidel
additional sound: heiko tippelt
comission: art center nabi, seoul

In a time of complete virtualisation of knowledge, science and monetary flows the virtual sculpture “vellum” transfers the memory of one specific urban rhythm to another locality. After the premiere at the multiple LED screens of the COMO at SKT Tower (Seoul, South Korea) now 3 large screens at SESC Pompéia (São Paulo, Brazil) provide several thinly sliced views into this gigantic translucent formation, revealing time and space within the otherwise invisible as well as impossible structure.

The perceived interpenetration of skeletal architecture and unrolled landscapes reveal textures of the man-made restructuring of nature. Their different granular perspectives create a fibrous volume of possibilities fusing past, present and future. In their flatness the visible sculptural slices are reminiscent to our accelerated life, shifting into technology and transcending the physical body. The perceived transformation is based on the sculpture wandering through the building seen from a fixed point of view. In vellum motion is form and form is motion…

The seismic refraction of the cities Jena (Germany), the hometown of the artist, and Seoul as well as São Paulo will create a multi-dimensional alloy that will migrate after the exhibition to other places. All future exhibitions will continuously accumulate into a memorization foam of different cities, a quasi-crystalline representation of our flattened world which is accompanied by a mosaic of field recordings of the artist capturing the genius loci.

SESC Pompéia (São Paulo, Brazil)
3 screen version for ROJO NOVA exhibition: 6,8 x 3,8 m; 6,8 x 3,8m; 12 x 6,8m 08/12 – 08/14/2010


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