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Basement Jazz – Where’s Your Head At (by Max Hattler)

This is the HD film festival version of Max Hattler’s “Where’s Your Head At” visuals for Basement Jaxx.

Complete credits and screening history:
Original dimensions: 7×2 m LED screen / 1080×288 px / 15:4
Film festival versions: 720p HD Digital File, Beta SP, DigiBeta, DVD (PAL)

“Connect four on the disco dance floor. Light, liquid, shape and colour locked into a pixel playground.” Max Hattler

“madness … we love it, it looks great!” Basement Jaxx

“… an arena abstraction for Basement Jaxx … Old school video games and ’80s video walls inspired Max Hattler’s visuals for Where’s Your Head At … Rather than treat the display as one fluid screen, he took advantage of the grid’s ’80s video wall look and designed flat, two-dimensional visuals that resemble old school video games such as Tetris.” ‘boards


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